Dr. Kastner, Salzburg — minor surgical procedures

Surgical procedures in our office Salzburg | Riedenburg | Maxglan:

  • Remo­val of sutures, stap­les, drains

  • Punc­tu­re of flu­id accu­mu­la­ti­ons (e.g. bursa)

  • Joint punc­tu­re and infiltration

  • Wound débrid­ge­ment (remo­val of dama­ged or dead tis­sue from wounds)

  • Remo­val of for­eign bodies (splin­ters, wood shavings, ticks,…)

  • Ope­ning of small absces­ses or blisters

  • etc.

General practitioner Dr. Kastner, Salzburg / Riedenburg / Maxglan