Neural therapy Salzburg

Neural therapy in the office of Dr. Kastner Salzburg | Riedenburg | Maxglan

Neural the­ra­py is a holistic pro­ce­du­re used for acu­te and chro­nic dise­a­ses. It is an injec­tion the­ra­py with a local anesthe­tic (local anesthe­sia). The effect is not based on the direct anesthe­tic effect of the agent, but on the fact that hig­her-level con­trol cir­cuits of the body are influenced.

Neural the­ra­py can be used for many com­p­laints, for examp­le, all pain con­di­ti­ons such as hea­da­ches, neck ten­si­on, pro­blems with the spi­ne, joint pain, scar tre­at­ment, and so on.

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