Vitamin C high dose infusion therapy

Vitamin C therapy:

Vit­amin C is a micro­nut­ri­ent essen­ti­al for sur­vi­val. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, unli­ke most ani­mals, humans have lost the abi­li­ty to self-syn­the­si­ze it during evolution.

We have to sup­ply vit­amin C. Inta­ke through food is limi­ted by a restric­ted absorp­ti­on in the intes­ti­ne. It is the­re­fo­re not sur­pri­sing that about one third of the popu­la­ti­on is sub­cli­ni­cal­ly deficient.

Incre­a­sed oxi­da­ti­ve stress incre­a­ses vit­amin C demand:

  • Com­mon cold, flu-like infection

  • Inju­ries

  • mal­nut­ri­ti­on

  • Age

  • Alco­hol consumption

  • Smo­king

  • Inflamma­ti­ons of any kind

Vit­amin C is invol­ved in many vital meta­bo­lic steps and is the most effec­ti­ve phy­sio­lo­gi­cal anti­oxi­dant in the blood. Oxi­da­ti­ve stress indu­ces vit­amin C defi­ci­en­cy, this incre­a­ses inflamma­ti­on and dis­rupts immu­ne, ner­ve, bone, skin and con­nec­ti­ve tis­sue func­tion in particular.

General practitioner Dr. Kastner, Salzburg / Riedenburg / Maxglan